5 Critical Questions to Ask Before Planning your Event

What does it take to make people leave an event with lasting memories and relationships at the end of the night? What makes a great event? Whether you’re planning an event for business or for pleasure, there is one thing you need to do before you dive into planning - visualize. 

Close your eyes and fast forward to the day or night of your event. Imagine everything is going perfectly - people are networking and socializing, they’re smiling, they’re enjoying themselves. Let yourself sit in this vision for a moment and ask yourself these 5 questions


1. What is the general vibe of the room?

Are you inside? Outside? Maybe there’s an option for both? Is it formal, business professional, casual? Who is there?


2. What music is playing? 

This is arguably one of the most important elements of an event. The type of music you play will create the tone. If you’re trying to save funds, consider utilizing pre-made playlists on Spotify. Here are a few examples:

  • Conferences - This playlist is full of motivational and positive songs from various genres. We would recommend playing this during breaks or meals. 
  • Entrance Songs - This playlist is full of songs with a strong intro. Perfect to play for 3-7 seconds as speakers walk onto the stage.


3. Is there entertainment?

If you have funds to provide entertainment, this is a weight that will be lifted off your shoulders during the event. Anything from a DJ playing music to a Private Comedian to entertain guests during dinner will take the event up a few notches. 


4. What is everyone eating/drinking? 

Do you want a theme for your event? Is there a specialty cocktail? Passed appetizers or stations?


5. What is the ambiance of the room? 

How are you stimulating each of the 5 senses? Consider lighting, aromas, visuals/decor, specialty food/cocktails, and music. 


Once you dial in on the vibe you want, you can start pulling the strings to make it happen. However, only then should you move forward with planning. 

A lot of people fall into the trap of not fully thinking through each element before they begin booking venues and vendors. The next thing you know, you are committed to a venue that doesn’t accommodate your themed dinner menu because you’re limited to utilizing their exclusive caterer.

This is the tip of the iceberg when we start talking about successful and unique events. Always start with the vision, and let the pieces fall where they may in order to bring it to life. 

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