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Nobleer is a trusted source for event planners looking for the right keynote speaker for their event. Each Nobleer Speaker comes from a different background, all of whom have been vetted and hand selected by people, Entrepreneurs, Leaders in Corporate America, and small business owners alike. 

Each speaker on this roster is one that will wow audiences with impactful messages that need to be heard by the teams driving growth, innovation, technology, and human development. 

 Nobleer Featured Keynotes

Peter Lynch

Specialty: Human Resources and Leadership
As the Chief People Offer for Cardinal Group Management and Founder of Hitch Studios, Peter has the foundation in both corporate and entrepreneurship that makes him one of the best keynote speakers in the county. He has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies and is in tune with what it takes to create a successful and unified team.
Peter has managed to carve out success beyond the corporate world. He’s also a TED speaker, a top 25 podcaster, an award-winning entrepreneur and a patent-holding inventor. His app has been downloaded in more than 70 countries and his podcast was ranked higher than the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review.


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Adam Brooks

Specialty: Mutli-Generational Workforces, Youth Progression, and Academics
Best-selling author of "Understanding Millennials" and "The Social Media Handbook", Adam has cracked the code on generational differences and unifications. He is a thought leader in the art of effective communications, multi-generational workforces, youth progression, and neuro-diverse individuals. 
From an associate Professor at various Universities to a leader at the Texas Lions Camp, Adam's unique blend of experiences has set the foundation for his ability to motivate and transform individuals and organizations toward growth and lasting impact.

Corrie LoGiudice

Specialty: Overcoming Challenges and Overwhelm in Business, Authenticity in Leadership 

A former SVP and 3rd generation entrepreneur, Corrie helps
business owners reduce their overwhelm so they can grow their businesses.
Her 16 years of experience in family business development ranges from
assisting Fortune 200 companies to the small, mom-and-pop
establishments that keep America running.

Corrie shares her strategies through her show & podcast, coaching,
speaking engagements, writing, online courses, and social media
platforms. She also has been featured in TEDx, the Mighty, Authority
Magazine, Thrive Global, Elite Daily, Girlboss, HelloGiggles, the Everygirl,
Insider & Business Insider.

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Matt Phillips

Specialty: Mental Toughness in Business and Sports
Matt is the Founder & CEO of Pro Athlete Advantage™ and a keynote speaker with a message on leadership and mental toughness.  He now consults companies on building high performing teams that crush their strategic and financial goals.  Matt is a former professional baseball player in Austria’s Bundesliga (first league) and Division-1 baseball player in the United States.  
Combined with his extensive background in operations, sales, and accounting in the United States and Europe, Matt teaches business leaders and teams how to systematically break through the mental roadblocks that naturally arise in their daily grind and hold them back from realizing their potential.   



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